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What is Ballycumber?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Ballycumber is a noun meaning: One of six half-read books lying in your bed. The first known usage of the word was in 1983 by writer Douglas Adams in The Meaning of Liff, a humorous dictionary of toponymy and etymology, co-written by Adams and John Lloyd.

Ballycumber is also a village in the Republic of Ireland. It is a small village in County Offaly with a population of 208 (according to a 2016 census). Ballycumber is about an hour and fifteen-minute drive to Dublin.

But for this blog, the word Ballycumber describes perfectly how I read. I always have multiple books that I am reading at once. Usually, a couple of them are for school as I work on my Master's in Library and Information Science. Ballycumber will focus on books and resources that I come across as a library professional. Since my reading habits and reading choices are all over the place, as some would say, so will the topics/books covered by this blog. So this blog will not have a set genre of books that will be reviewed. I will not always be reviewing and creating reading lists of new releases and best sellers because sometimes the older books need to be brought back into the conversation.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and maybe you’ll discover something new.

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