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Seeps Into Your Soul


Contemporary Realistic Fiction


This story is about, Marin, a teenage girl just starting college. She has begun college after a tragic life-changing event. She has not spoken to anyone from home since the day she left, the day of the tragedy. Marin flees California for New York. Marin must now face everything she is hiding because her high school best friend, Mabel, is coming to New York to visit. The two have not spoken in four months and the fear of this unknown territory grips Marin. The story slowly unfolds the mystery of why Marin left her old life so abruptly while Mabel is visiting and wanting answers from Marin. This is a story of confusing and all-consuming grief, both physical and emotional grief. The physical grief of losing someone physically out of your life, maybe because of death, growing apart, or simply because that person is no longer in your life. Also, the emotional grief of losing yourself and the loneliness that lingers.


Nina LaCour's book is the winner of the 2018 Michael L. Printz Award. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. Nina LaCour's prose is amazingly lovely and melancholic, yet strangely beautiful. We Are Okay touches on what it feels like to lose someone, yourself, a close friend, or a relationship. This book gives you (the reader) a glimpse into how grief can consume an individual and the struggles to feel whole again.

LaCour, N. (2017). We are okay. New York, Dutton Books.

Always support your local library and go there first to find the book. Librarians are there to help you find what you need! But here are a few links to purchase the book, We Are Okay.

Small Independent Bookseller:

Big Company:

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