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Scary Old House


Supernatural Horror


Hendricks is a high school student and starting a new school. She has moved to a small town called Drearfield from Philadelphia. Her family has moved so Hendricks can get a fresh start from her past and ex-boyfriend. Hendricks makes friends quickly at her new school but soon discovers that her new house is haunted and has been named “Steele House” by the locals. At first, she does not believe the stories but soon she starts to experience strange and frightening anomalies. Then the ghosts target her baby brother and she then knows that she needs help. Hendricks seeks help from her outcast neighbor, Eddie, because he is the only one who believes her. Eddie believes her because he has lost loved ones to the ghosts of Steel House. They seek help from an Occult store owner who has experience with dealing with ghosts. Together they perform a ritual to rid the house of spirits. But for the ritual to work a sacrifice has to be made to solve the frightening haunting.


The Haunted is a quick read that would be a great vacation or day on the beach read. Maybe save it for around Halloween to help get in the mood for the spooky season. It is a slightly cliche ghost/horror story but still brings the reader a few twists and surprises. This book deals with revenge and that everyone should be held accountable for their actions. No matter if those actions are in the past or the present. The book does have disturbing violence and graphic descriptions of death that might be too heavy for some readers. The Haunted is book one of two. Book two is titled The Unleashed.

Vega, D. (2019). The Haunted. New York, Razorbill.

Always support your local library and go there first to find the book. Librarians are there to help you find what you need! But here are a few links to purchase the book, The Haunted:

Small Independent Bookseller:

Big Company:

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