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Never Forget


Non-fiction, memoir, Graphic Novel


This is a memoir recounting George Takei’s childhood imprisoned within American Internment Camps for Japanese Americans during World War II. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, every Japanese American was declared an “alien enemy”. In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered that every person of Japanese descent be rounded up and shipped to one of ten Internment Camps located in America. George Takei shares with readers his firsthand account of the years his family lived behind barbed wire fences and under the watchful eye of armed guards. He shares the joys and terrors of growing up in American Internment Camps. Through the love and faith of his parents, Takei was able to overcome and learn from his past to become the actor, author, and activist he is today.


This book is great to educate readers on a lesser-known part of American history. Even though it is an ugly part of our history, it holds so many valuable lessons for us today. Hopefully from this outstanding novel, a reader would continue to learn about this subject, from the brave Japanese-Americans who joined what would become one of the highest decorated Army units to the post-war return of this population to their former homes and communities.

Takei, G., Eisinger, J., Scott, S., & Becker, H. (2019). They called us enemy. San Diego, Top Shelf Productions.

Always support your local library and go there first to find the book. Librarians are there to help you find what you need! But here are a few links to purchase the book, They Called Us Enemy:

Small Independent Bookseller:

Big Company

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